My demo reel contains unreleased material and requires a password. Please contact me at if you are interested in viewing it. Thank you

Here is the Vimeo Link to some of my other animations.

TrujilloM Demo 2014 from Manuel Trujillo on Vimeo.

DEMO Order Information. Responsible for all animation except where noted.

Hawkgirl Entrance In Game** - "Infinite Crisis"

Hawkgirl Entrance In Maya - "Infinite Crisis" Atrocitus Slap Face Emote - "Infinite Crisis"

Troll Crusher Walk - "Lord of the Rings Online"

Green Arrow Combat and Idle - "Infinite Crisis"

Green Arrow In Game** - "Infinite Crisis"

Starro Taunt** - "Come at me, Bro" - "Infinite Crisis" Attack A Atack B Death FDown

Dragon Fly In - Animation Mentor

Atrocitus Run - "Infinite Crisis"

*** - "Infinite Crisis" Idle and Double Eskrima Strike

Dretch Eat - "Dungeons & Dragons Online"

Green Arrow Run - "Infinite Crisis"

Atrocitus laugh - "Infinite Crisis" Death Fup

Drider Idle to Hover - "Dungeons & Dragons Online"

Creature Interaction - Animation Mentor

Starro Emote Laugh - "Infinite Crisis" Death Fup

Cat walk - Animation Mentor

Hawkgirl run - "Infinite Crisis"

Atrocitus Death Face Down - "Infinite Crisis"

*** Recall - "Infinite Crisis"

Green Arrow Enterworld In Maya - "Infinite Crisis" Green Arrow Enterworld In Game** - "Infinite Crisis"

* FX by Jamal Coleman ** Starro Idle by Martha Murrie

*** Unreleased Character Name Withheld